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The LOVE LIFE Manifesto

I love my life. I live it to the full.

I live as I please and love whoever I want. After all, I only have one life. It’s up to me whether I enjoy it or not. I make my own choices and take responsibility for them.

I love my body. That’s why I protect it.

To enjoy life, I need my body. I protect it from sexually transmitted infections like HIV: if I’m single, cheat on my partner or if a relationship has just ended, I use condoms and play by the safer sex rules. In a faithful relationship, after getting ourselves tested, we can stop using condoms.

I have no regrets. And I’ll keep it that way.

Mostly you don’t regret what you do, but what you don’t do. Whether it’s an adventure, talking to someone – or safe sex. But I make sure I can always say: I have no regrets.