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About regret

Regretting something is unpleasant, but human. It is an internal process in which you work out for yourself which decisions were wrong looking back. This can help you to decide differently – and, from your own perspective, better – in a similar situation.

However, as regret triggers emotional stress, we try to avoid it. The Harvard psychologist and decision-making researcher Daniel Gilbert talks about a “psychological immune system”: We simply rate decisions retrospectively as right so there’s nothing to regret. This reduces emotional stress but is in fact self-deception. We see the world we want to see.

LOVE LIFE charts a different path to avoid any sexual regrets: the LOVE LIFE manifesto. Anyone who says yes to this will be able to enjoy their life and body freely without having to lie to themselves afterwards – and without having to forego anything. Because what the psychological immune system can’t really cope with, according to Gilbert, is the feeling of having missed an opportunity.